, Scaling Up your business with right talent

For Business

  • Who are we?

    We are a company focusing on providing the best talent for business.

  • Who needs us?

    All companies that need talents for both full-time or part-time, for both on-site or remote working.

  • Which company is suitable for our services?

    Our services are suitable for all small business, startups and corporate.

  • How to request a talent?

    Just fill the quotation form or start a live chat and one of our representatives will help you from there.

  • What makes us unique?

    We have a rapidly growing ecosystem and with collaboration from universities, partnership, and community we have more than tens of thousands talent.

For Talent

  • How to join as talent?

    You can directly fill the data on our registration form via "For Talent" menu.

  • What's the benefit to join as talent?

    Other than opportunities to get hired by the multinational company, you can also get the benefit to join our growing network and share knowledge.

  • What's the employment status from UpScale?

    We will have some options including a direct contract as UpScale's team, or under our client's contract with their company regulation. It will depend on the deal between the client and the talent itself.

  • Am I able to get side project from UpScale?

    Yes, you can get the side project from UpScale. As long as you provide that information on the profile, we'll help to find you a project-based job that best-matched with your skill.